Hickory Park for lunch on the way to Des Moines!!
Piper and Megan getting ready for the high jump.
Danielle amd Morgan in a senior moment.
Peytan leadaing off the d-med.
Heather to Megan in the d-med.
Megan to Emma in d-med.
Emma ancoring the d-med.
Sam getting ready for 4x200.
Sam leading off the 4x200.
Odeleine 2nd leg in 4x200.
Odeleine to Erika in the 4x200.
Makenzie anchoring the 4x200.
The team relaxing after a busy Day 1!
A little "On the Border" for supper!
Our traditional pic outside "On the Border" after supper.
Erika must have an important message!
Megan, Erika, Sam, and Makenzie in a pre-race pic before the sprint med.
Erika leading off the sprint med.
Megan getting ready.
Makenzie getting ready.
Erika to Megan in the sprint med.
Sam to Makenzie in sprint med.
Makenzie anchoring sprint med.
Last race for seniors Makenzie Meyer and Sam Papouchis.
Traditional pic at the Bulldog at Drake Stadium.